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Narcissism Priest

This is a personal project that is based from the Amazing concept by Hayun Lee named Narcissism Priest:
I made some slight adjustments to the concept as I took the liberty of creating a female version of the concept. But I give him a huge thanks for letting me use his concept.

I worked on this over these past 2 months and I have to thank a large amount of people for their wonderful and invaluable feedback. Daniel Johnsson, Felix Fritzel, Michel Strömbäck, Josefin Lindgren, Michael Hanse, Hugo Morais, Alex Sashin and all the rest of you who gave me some great input no matter how small. You know who you are!

I also want to give credit to anyone who gave me feedback on Polycount where I have kept a thread to keep tabs on the entire project.

Other than all that I hope you liked my work and I wish you all a great day!