Payday 2 - Scarface Bolivian Thugs - Game Models

Victor petersson bolivians beauty
Victor petersson bolivian 01
Victor petersson bolivian 02

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Victor petersson bolivian 01 breakdown
Victor petersson bolivian 02 breakdown
Victor petersson bolivians texturebreakdown
Victor petersson bolivian hex highpoly
Victor petersson bolivian suit highpoly

I created these two characters for the DLC Scarface, in Payday 2. I was responsible for making the concepts for the guards that would be guarding the Mansion. On top of that I made these two guards that are patrolling the outside of the mansion.

The pants and shoes are assets that I textured, so I can not take credit for the highpoly and retopo of the shoes and pants. So Credits to Tara Wahlbäck for creating those. And the ground is just a material in substance painter for the presentation.

Specs on the presentation images.

2048 px for the body - Diff, Spec, Normal.

1024 px for the head - Diff, Spec, Normal.

While in game it have half the texture resolution.