Payday 2 - Zeal Cloaker - Game model

Victor petersson cloaker presentation 02
Victor petersson cloaker presentation side back
Victor petersson cloaker presentation front side
Victor petersson cloaker presentation details

This was my first character that I got to create for Starbreeze Overkills Payday 2. It is a new version of the cloaker for the difficulty "One Down" that we released during crimefest 2016.

I created the baton and the ground texture on my own free time, and they are both PBR, while the character is completely legacy texturing, with diffuse, spec and gloss work flow.

It was a super fun project and I learned a ton from making this dude. Thanks to my team, but especially my mentor for teaching me so much on this one. And also a huge thanks to Starbreeze for letting me join the Payday crew on my internship, it is hell of a ride!

Specs on the presentation images.

6183 tri for the Body - 2901 tri for the Head

2048 px for the body - Diff, Spec, Normal.

1024 px for the head - Diff, Spec, Normal.

While in game it have the same tri count, but half the texture resolution.

Thanks for watching.