Payday 2 Masks and Woody Wood Pecker

Victor petersson masks presentation

The masks are as following: Chinese New Year Mask, Chrysler Eagle (John Wick DLC), Zeal Spec Ops Helmet, Scarface Glasses (Scarface DLC)

Victor petersson woody presentation

Woody Wood Pecker, made as an easter egg for the Scarface DLC

Victor petersson masks sides
Victor petersson masks presentation breakdown
Victor petersson woody presentation breakdown

These are some masks that I made from scratch at Starbreeze during the period that I have been working there. I also included my Woody Wood Pecker Statue that I got to create as an easter egg for Universal, in the Scarface Mansion map.

For all these masks I start in Zbrush and then retopo in Maya. I bake in marmoset 3 and then texture them in Substance Painter.

The in game models all use 512 textures, these are 1024.

Thanks for watching.