Wealthy old medieval Lady Pt2

Work In Progress / 29 January 2020

So I am back on the art grind again.

I have gone over the design of the old hag and now I have found a direction I am more pleased with.
I started of by making some simple paint-overs, and a lot of reference searching to find a design direction I enjoy both working with but would be cool. 

At the end I landed on something aking to this sketch:

It is quite simple but it translates what I want to get done, so I started blocking it out in Marvelous designer, where I scratched my first iteration and took the lessons learned.

From there I have taken it in to Zbrush and started blocking more elements out.
I have also started to get the head more in to a finished position.


What is coming up next is to finish the jewelry and the hat on the head. As I will use that as a testing ground for some decoration techniques I want to try out, and the jewelry will be quite a demanding piece.

Hopefully next update will be a bit sooner than this one have been from my previous one.