New project, Wealthy old medieval Lady

General / 11 October 2019

I am creating this blog to have somewhere to try to get feedback as well as a way for me to put up my progress other than Polycount. I am going to post both here as well on my Polycount thread which can be found "Here"

So I have decided to start a new project after a long break from doing 3D other than freelance work. I have spent the past 2 months renovating my apartment and that have been a great experience, but now I am back to the sweet process of making 3D art. 

This project will be my own design so I am not following any concepts.

The goals are as follows:

  • To design my own character from scratch
  • Make a realistic character that could fit in a AAA title like the Witcher 3
  • Get better at Marvelous Designer
  • Learn Blender, so I am not allowed to use Maya for anything.
  • And by the end of it have a new portfolio piece.  

Along the way I will try some new techniques and try to have as much fun as possible.

What is next for me to do a paintover of the 3D concept so I can refine some ideas some more and try out like jewelry placement, tweaking the volumes of shapes and so forth.

Body Blockout


Face closeup

Marvelous Patterns

I am looking forward to share the next update on this blog, until then thanks for reading this far!