Wealthy old medieval lady - Pt7 - Finished highpoly

Making Of / 22 July 2020

This have been a long time coming, as I have not had a dedicated time to work on this more than evenings since March, and I also have been stuck in design hell where I am trying to figure things out, going back and forth between tiny elements. But this project have been more chill and I am trying to just take it on my own pace. The goal being to learn some new stuff and having fun. Finally  I feel as I am done with the Highpoly, I might add some tiny detail like a tiny medallion or something, maybe I will remove the embroidered sewn on pieces on the front of the dress. But all of that will come when I start to make the lowpoly and start to play with the final result.

So what have happened since the latest update, I have altered the shape a bit as I got feedback, I finished the hands, I made some rings, I fixed up and detailed her cape. And tiny details all over the place and minor tweaks which are to many to keep a track of since March.  

Here are some pictures.