Wealthy old medieval lady - Pt3

Work In Progress / 04 February 2020

A shorter update from last time.

I have made tons of progress on the head wear. I am not certain about all the details but in general I am happy with the jewelry, and the shape of the head wear. I might add some details, or maybe change the trim. I also did another pass on the face. I am starting to get to a place where I am happy with the primary and secondary forms, so I might start detailing her soon.

The jewelry

The face with Headwear  

  To do next is to get a better blockout of the hair, and maybe add earrings. From there it is time to detail the face to finish up the highpoly there. 

Wealthy old medieval Lady Pt2

Work In Progress / 29 January 2020

So I am back on the art grind again.

I have gone over the design of the old hag and now I have found a direction I am more pleased with.
I started of by making some simple paint-overs, and a lot of reference searching to find a design direction I enjoy both working with but would be cool. 

At the end I landed on something aking to this sketch:

It is quite simple but it translates what I want to get done, so I started blocking it out in Marvelous designer, where I scratched my first iteration and took the lessons learned.

From there I have taken it in to Zbrush and started blocking more elements out.
I have also started to get the head more in to a finished position.


What is coming up next is to finish the jewelry and the hat on the head. As I will use that as a testing ground for some decoration techniques I want to try out, and the jewelry will be quite a demanding piece.

Hopefully next update will be a bit sooner than this one have been from my previous one.