Wealthy old medieval lady - Pt8 - Rise of the game ready mesh

General / 05 August 2020

A small update this one, but I have finally retopoed the head parts and test baked them and got them in to Unreal. I also made a basic skin shader, got her eyes in and a preliminary hair. So all my pipeline work is more or less done now.

What is next is to retopo the rest of the body and clothes, Unwrap and bake it, create a proper cloth shader, and then go over all the textures, and refine her hair.  

Wealthy old medieval lady - Pt6 - The rise of the Dress

General / 06 March 2020

So since my last post a lot have happened for me. But on this project, things are going slowly, I am shipping away at it with the time I have. But the biggest bottleneck right now is all the detail designing. Like the embroidery and jewelry. That is what takes the longest time, but it is also kind of fun and relaxing to do. So I am not rushing through it. But I am getting tired of this project so I need to wrap it up soon.

What I have left to do now, is to make the Necklace, embroidery on the arm, her hands and then finish of her Cape. So I am getting close to the finish line for the highpoly. 


Thanks for watching! 

Wealthy old medieval lady - Pt5

General / 20 February 2020

So I have started on the dress. I got some details left to figure out and design. Like the front I don't know yet if I want embroided details, or something more like an attached patterned piece. Either way I need to figure that out. But all the secondary details of the dress are there now. I just need to get the design and polish the highpoly. After that I got the hands, Jewelry, Cape and the bottom part of the dress left of the sculpt.

Neck details. 

Next update will be in a weeks time =) Thanks for following my progress! 


Wealthy old medieval lady - Pt4

General / 13 February 2020

So I have recently been gunning to finish of her face. I have been sick for a week and my sister have been over for 5 days. But I got most of it done, still a little bit of detailing left to do as well as a little bit of cleanup. I added hair that was a bit more closer to what I want the final to be, but that will be with haircards so this is just a second blockout.

So this is where she is at now.

For the next update it will be on to the dress. I have been wanting to detail it for so long, it will be great.  

New project, Wealthy old medieval Lady

General / 11 October 2019

I am creating this blog to have somewhere to try to get feedback as well as a way for me to put up my progress other than Polycount. I am going to post both here as well on my Polycount thread which can be found "Here"

So I have decided to start a new project after a long break from doing 3D other than freelance work. I have spent the past 2 months renovating my apartment and that have been a great experience, but now I am back to the sweet process of making 3D art. 

This project will be my own design so I am not following any concepts.

The goals are as follows:

  • To design my own character from scratch
  • Make a realistic character that could fit in a AAA title like the Witcher 3
  • Get better at Marvelous Designer
  • Learn Blender, so I am not allowed to use Maya for anything.
  • And by the end of it have a new portfolio piece.  

Along the way I will try some new techniques and try to have as much fun as possible.

What is next for me to do a paintover of the 3D concept so I can refine some ideas some more and try out like jewelry placement, tweaking the volumes of shapes and so forth.

Body Blockout


Face closeup

Marvelous Patterns

I am looking forward to share the next update on this blog, until then thanks for reading this far!